Quality Consciousness


Each of our products is made up of hundreds of components, majority of them sourced from reputed vendors. Still, we have our own stringent system of rigorous checks and instruments that will detect flaws in components. Our aim is to achieve zero defect and it starts with checking parts and components at source, not at the assembled stage.

Here at Lento we are of the firm belief that if we take care of quality at the source, half of the work is done and that too in an easy manner since it is easy to check components before fitting into circuit boards rather than try to identify faults afterwards. Hence, our rigorous focus on checking each component at source to ensure fail safe performance.


Our in-house production quality plan is simple and fool-proof because it is detailed and without compromises. We take lot-wise samples, check for all parameters and pass only assemblies that conform to specs. Only if samples pass stringent physical, electrical, mechanical and electronic tests are the final products approved for dispatch.


Production comprises number of stages. Only those components that are approved go into process. Here too, each sub-assembly is tested for all parameters using human intervention and specialized tools and equipments developed for that purpose. Only if a sub-assembly passes the tests is it approved for onward process. If faults are detected production people receive full report and our R&D is also involved in order to detect and root out such flaws for future batches.


The final product, whether it is a small inverter or a complex, digital, microprocessor controlled UPS or power plant, undergoes the 24 hour burn in test only once it passes the test for all parameters. Products are tested rigorously for no load, full load, overload and short circuit protection, for humidity performance, high ambient temperature performance and other factors to ensure they match our claims and give 100% reliability with zero defects.